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Unit 13-B Yam Tze Comm. Bldg, 23 Thomson Road

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Data Collection Solutions

Monitoring and data collection solutions

We  supply an industry-leading range of battery powered data loggers, electronic pressure controllers for water & gas distribution networks and intrinsically safe products for use in explosive atmospheres.

We currently supply major customers in Hong Kong and Macau with data collection systems for monitoring and control of their overall water distribution network. 




Technolog Ltd of England design and manufacture a range of battery powered data logger and software for utility companies worldwide. We are currently supplying Technolog's range of Cello pressure, flow and Regulo pressure controllers to the water utilities in Hong Kong, Macau and southern China.

Throughout Hong Kong Technolog's Cello products are continually monitoring major distribution mains for fluctuations in pressure and flow allowing engineers to react to any unusual occurrences.   Technolog's Cello products are also employed on Automatic Meter Reading applications for commercial and industrial consumers in Hong Kong and Macau.


Gutermann offer a complete range of the most advanced equipment for all aspects of water leak detection from initial assessment of an area or zone, through to precise leak pinpointing and final confirmation of an exact leak location prior to excavation and repair. We have supplied the complete range of Gutermann products for total leakage solutions to water utilities and contractors in Hong Kong and Macau.  


Dent Instruments of America is a leading innovator in the field of electronic data acquisition, analysis, storage and presentation for monitoring and auditing of electrical power. Dent's range of instruments are application driven to meet many different uses including energy surveys, demand and power metering, sub-metering, environmental monitoring and time-of-use monitoring. We have supplied Dent data monitoring systems for major data electrical energy surveys and permanent monitoring systems for large, strategic data centres.